September Update

Further to previous updates the group has been productive but not very visible to the community. This is about to change as you are about to receive the much heralded Neighbourhood Plan Questionnaire.  

The group has evaluated the comments and questions posed to us at our open day in May and has honed these down into a set of questions for the whole community to give their opinion. This is a very important part of the Plan's development as it is a process by which the whole population of the Parish lays down its policies through which your local area will develop over the next 15 years. So we are dependent on as many people as possible taking a few minutes to fill in the questionnaire so we can gauge opinion from the broadest and most in depth portion of the community.

The questionnaire will be posted to you but if you prefer you will be able to answer the questions on line on our website. The questions will cover topics such as housing needs, types of housing and development size, through to amenities and facilities, transport, green spaces and the local economy. The questions should be fairly intuitive and simple to answer and the process of completing the paper is designed to make you think about what people really want from their local area.

There is no hidden agenda to the questionnaire. No information supplied will be passed to any other party be it governmental or commercial. We ask you to be as candid as you wish and help us to help you in making the area more how you wish it to be in the future.

Please remember that all of us involved in the Neighbourhood Plan are volunteers who are giving our time and energy freely  to the scheme as we love our community and genuinely want to make a difference. We simply ask you for a few minutes of your time to allow us to make our work count for you.

If you own or would like to suggest a piece of land you think may be suitable for development within the Standon / Puckeridge village please contact us through the Parish Council Clerk ( You can do this in confidence in the first approach if you prefer. If the land is suitable it will be assessed under multiple pre determined criteria before it is possibly considered for inclusion in the Neighbourhood Plan.

We have produced an interim report that sums up all that we have achieved so far which is available on our website at


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