PS News Article (March)

Did you catch our article in March's edition of the PS News?   If not, you can read the full wording here.

The Standon Parish Neighbourhood Development Plan

A Steering Group has been established to produce a Standon Parish Neighbourhood Development Plan to cover the three parish wards of Standon, Puckeridge and Colliers End (which incorporate Latchford, Barwick, Old Hall Green, Wellpond Green and Bromley).

Supported by Standon Parish Council (SPC), the Steering Group is made up of and led by local residents who want to help develop a shared vision for our neighbourhood and shape its development and growth.  But the only way in which we can truly develop a shared vision is to talk to as wide a range of local people as possible.

We will be holding an open day to talk to you more about what is important to you.  This event will take place at the Standon & Puckeridge Community Centre (in the Williams-Davies Hall) over the course of Saturday 16 May 2015.  You are invited to drop by and talk to us at a time that suits you between 10am and 4pm.

Our Neighbourhood Development Plan will set out where new development will go, what kind of development it will be, and what sort of facilities are needed to shape all aspects of our village life, including welfare, schools, leisure, quality of life, jobs, conservation and the environment. It will be subject to a local referendum vote, and if it is adopted it will have legal force and be taken into account when planning decisions are made.

So why should you get involved?  Well, East Herts District Council’s draft development strategy identifies that between April 2016 and March 2031, approximately 150 new homes will be built in Puckeridge and Standon, with the expectation for further in-fill development in Colliers End.

Without a Neighbourhood Development Plan, planning decisions will be made in the normal way, and our community appears particularly susceptible to aggressive development proposals which we have already started to witness. 

We have established a number of communication platforms, and you can find out more about the work we are doing on our website ( or on social media (  You can also e-mail us at or contact us by post to SPNDP, 14 Crawley End, Chrishall, Herts, SG8 8QL or on 01763 838732.

The Steering Group wants to meet as many people as possible on 16th May 2015, and we really hope that you will come to see us and give us your views about what your neighbourhood should be like in years to come. 

Do you have a specific interest?  The Steering Group has appointed topic leaders to look at various policy areas that are vital to the future of our neighbourhood, including housing (land), housing (type), education, employment, environment, health, social and leisure, transport and water.  If you are interested in contributing to research in any of these important areas, then please get in touch by e-mailing or drop us a line at the address or telephone number above.  The leader of the relevant topic group will then get in touch with you.  Or, if you want to help lead, there are vacancies on the Steering Group itself (at the time of writing).   


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