Steering Group

Standon Parish Council felt that it was important that the Neighbourhood Development Plan be led and developed by members of the community itself.  They have therefore established a working party, the Standon Parish Neighbourhood Development Plan Steering Group, to produce our plan. 

The Steering Group operates on behalf of Standon Parish Council, but can be made up of members of the community including residents, owners of businesses operating and individuals working in the parish, and landowners.

The role of the Steering Group is to manage the production of our Neighbourhood Development Plan, arranging community events, consultations and instigating discussions with the community to ensure that the final plan is truly shaped by the community. 

The Steering Group operates to a constitution, which was drafted and agreed by its own members, and shows how the group will perform its activities transparently.  It provides for 21 Steering Group members, drawn from different parts of Standon Parish and different sections of the community.  Equality and diversity within our membership is promoted and encouraged.

We also decided that it would be a good idea to set up Topic Groups to work on aspects of the Neighbourhood Development Plan relating to specific topics.  These groups will help to identify what the main issues are, suitable approaches to deal with these issues, and methods of gaining wider opinion.

The Steering Group meets at least once a month, and our meetings are open for the public to attend. 

To view the SPNDP Steering Group Constitution, click here

To view a list of our current Steering Group members, current roles and topic interests click here

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